Trending: #WorldCup

Finally! The countdown is over, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil begins tomorrow! In the United States the World Cup’s closes comparison would be the Superbowl or the World Series but that doesn’t even do it justice. Over four years, nations compete to qualify for the World Cup and then each nation selects 23 players to represent their country on the roster, to achieve the ultimate goal, to make their nation proud by taking home the FIFA World Cup Trophy.


In 2010 during the FIFA World Cup, the famous African noise maker the Vuvuzela and the octopus that can predict the winner, Pulpo Paul, made the top 10 overall trends during the last World Cup in South Africa. The matches haven’t even begun and #WorldCup has been buzzing all over social media and big corporations are playing too!


Facebook: The Facebook Ref

The Facebook Ref is a fictional public figure created by the geniuses at Facebook. If you “like” the page you’ll see exclusive content and game updates on your newsfeed. The Facebook Ref just wants to be your friend, follows the rules and has been training hard for the World Cup. Take a look at the Facebook Ref prepping for the World Cup in some hiliarious video posts:


Twitter: #WorldCup

Every time I’m on Twitter the #WorldCup is trending and it’s no shock because it’s the biggest competition that brings the world together for the love of of the game. If you click on the hashtag you’ll be directed to the World Cup 2014 page where you can view the schedule of matches, read the most recent Tweets and on the right side you can follow each nation on Twitter.


Twitter even stepped it up another notch! Under the Scoreboard click “View Match”, you’ll see all tweets related to the game including pictures and direct links to follow the players on their personal accounts.


Google: Tour the Streets of Brazil 

Lastly, This may be the coolest, most interactive thing Google Maps has every done! Google Maps has taken you outside the arenas and has transported you onto the streets of the host country, Brazil.



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